Divine Healing

  I suffered chronic pain, both shoulders, rotator cuff for several years which affected all areas of my life. I went to doctors who could find no tears in ligaments etc so was told this is part of getting old. I was 52, healthy and active.
I could not lift my arm to the side. I had been seeing Scott for massage which helped me get back my functionality.
When my other shoulder had constant pain, I again went to Scott. After several months I booked in for Divine Healing.

After one session I was pain free.

- Georgia

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott from Divine Healing, whilst in the midst of undertaking my own Spiritual/physical/mental journey of growth.
I received my sessions with Scott as a gift from my beautiful mum, who herself had seen first hand the amazing gift that Scott has been blessed with, after his work with my own father who is currently battling stage 4 cancer.
His work with family has been nothing short of a blessing and his unique spiritual gift has healed wounds both physical and emotional and in turn flowed on to blessing our whole family as a result.
For myself, Scott was able to help disconnect me spirituality from unhealthy aspects of my life that weren't serving me a resourceful purpose anymore.
I would highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking growth or healing in any area of their life.
God Bless you Scott.
- Carlo

For over 3yrs I have been a massage client of Scott’s, as a skilled massage therapist and an alternative thinker.
He has straighten me, fixed me and taught me skills to avoid the crippling pain that comes with bad backs as a friend and therapist he has now introduced me to Divine healing.
Not a skeptic but uncertain of just what Divine healing meant I was a little slow to give it a go.
Now having experienced both myself and my sons Divine healing I can share with you the overwhelming sense of
peace and sense of wellness that I experienced while Scott addresses my health issues my mind is still and rested a state I seem incapable of achieving on my own.
Time will be a judge of the results as far as my health, but in the mean time the benefits are many on both a spiritual and self evolution.
- Kerry Bower