Divine Healing

Embrace the vitality of life and live well!

Divine Healing is accessing power that re-balances your mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

Re-tune and uplift your frequency - the vibrational life force that connects you to Creator.

Transform your life to one of abundance through Divine Healing.

Manifest your reality & live your truest, highest calling in life.

Specialty services include:

   - Scanning of your bio-genetic history through deep meditational trance to assess trauma

     including trans-generational trauma related pain and suffering

- Adjustment and attunement of emotional, psychological and spiritual blockages with removal

     by psychic surgery and divine healing power

- Reprogramming the subconscious including life coaching to enhance personal growth and

     spiritual evolution

- Disconnection from patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and stop you from reaching

     your true potential

I ask that you come with the intentional belief that you deserve love and a vital life.