Scott Shankland

Currently based in his Mount Isa clinic after living in both Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast, Scott has had a life long passion for helping and healing others.

From an early age he enjoyed treating his family and friends to neck, shoulder and foot massages to help free them of discomforts, aches and pains. It wasn't until a little later in life, after running a successful Woodturning business in Melbourne that he decided it was time for a change of lifestyle, which included following his dream of healing and massage therapy.

He moved to the Sunshine Coast and there he began pursuing his career, graduating from the Australian Institute of Massage with

a Diploma covering Remedial, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Infant & Sports Massage.

After establishing Youth Fountain Therapies, Scott had even more desire to learn and apply his knowledge which lead to him travelling to many different locations around Australia and New Zealand to study Divine, Pellowah & Theta Healing.

He is now a Qualified Practitioner in each of these modalities.

Scott takes pride in his ability to work with each client individually by creating a solution as unique as they are.

Whether you're looking for a Relaxation Massage to escape from the daily grind or some longer term healing solutions, Scott will work with you closely to ensure your health and well being is the best it can be and you are able to live a a top quality life.

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Massage Therapist.

Divine & Theta Healing Practitioner.

Scott has over 12 years experience in Massage Therapy & Healing which has given his clients thousands of positive outcomes for their health and well-being during his career.

His testimonials speak for themselves. You can check them out here.


2023 - Present

Theta Healing (Gold Coast)

  - Theta Healing Basic DNA Instructors

  - Theta Healing Advanced DNA Instructors

  - Theta Healing Dig Deeper Instructors

2023 - Present

Theta Healing (New Zealand)

  - Intuitive Anatomy

  - Disease & Disorder

  - Dig Deeper


Theta Healing (Maroochydore)

  - World Relations

  - DNA3


Theta Healing

  - Basic DNA

  - Advanced DNA


Certificate Pellowah Healing


Diploma of Massage Therapy

  - Remedial Massage

  - Sports Massage

  - Relaxation Massage

  - Pregnancy & Infant Massage